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As creators of Step Up For All, we are providing resources for underrepresented business owners to gain access and knowledge to make entrepreneurship and small business ownership possible. With our website, users have opportunities to take courses about entrepreneurship with professionals, get access to grants/scholarships, and understand the fundamentals of growing a business.


Understanding the current circumstances of the impact of COVID-19, entrepreneurship has been especially difficult. Unfortunately, according to Forbes, Black-owned businesses declined by 41%, Latino-owned businesses fell by 32%, and Asian-owned businesses dropped by 26%. However, white-owned businesses dropped the least with a 17% loss in businesses. This is particularly due to the underrepresented business owners lacking access to capital, weak bank relationships, and pre-existing funding gaps.

Therefore, we hope to provide the resources to help underrepresented business owners with a fundamental understanding of how to improve on their weak factors to grow and succeed in their fields of passion. 

We believe everyone from all backgrounds should have the access to entrepreneurship and shape the world in their own way.

Our Vision

In the future, we hope to expand the website to reach more users around the globe and create more opportunities to gain knowledge for others to learn about entrepreneurship. By clicking on this website, you are helping to expand our database to reach others.

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Our website is dedicated to making entrepreneurship and opportunities  accessible to all underrepresented businesses.


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