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Business Name & Location

Establish yourself

This includes the name of your business, whether it's already taken or too similar to another, and if it’ll stick out and be unique. You’ll have to register your business name so that it's protected. There are several to register your business name. Having an entity name would protect your business within the state you’re in, keep in mind there are different requirements for each state, but trademarking nationally protects your business name. You could also get a domain name which doesn’t need to be the same as your business name, but protects the name online whether it's a URL or website name. Deciding where your business is located determines the kinds of laws, regulation, and taxes your business will face so it is very important to research where exactly you’d like to begin your business. Research how prices vary, state/local government incentives, and the specific area- whether it's convenient and safe for customers.

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