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Planet Made of Plastic

Global Chapters

Our international chapters is the fundamental pillar of Step Up For All. It allows the International Board to have a more hands-on involvement in areas or regions which need more attention. If you want to create an additional chapter or get involved in an existing chapter, please email or text Step Up For All to 203-252-1280 for more information. 

Current Chapters

Chapter Responsibilities


No-one knows your region better than you. Creating a chapter means representing your area which involves bringing forward the issues prevalent in your community. 


Taking action is just as important as acknowledging the problem. Creating a chapter means brainstorming solutions to the issues in your community and reporting them 


Expanding Step Up For All's reach is pivotal in allowing us to help more minority entrepreneurs. This means spreading the word and enacting marketing strategies.  

Step Up For All

Our website is dedicated to making entrepreneurship and opportunities  accessible to all underrepresented businesses.


Phone: 203-252-1280

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