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Our Consultations:

Want to learn simple business lessons or fundamentals? Learn on a 1v1 business consultation from experienced business mentors and coaches! In this one-hour consultation, our mentors will address your business concerns and help guide you to the right path as an entrepreneur. Our emotion-driven consulting approach focuses on your intangibles, where we take into account your eye blinking frequency, breathing, and productivity to make calculated decisions. We do so by assuming a passive role in order to allow our clients to answer the biggest question of entrepreneurship: Why did you start? Toward the end of each consultation, we extend our conversations by five minutes and generously ask for well-thought-out feedback.

About Deborah Day:

I am an entrepreneur, and I have been creating and building my business and brand for almost 25 years. I have a business degree, and I worked for many large corporations and Silicon Valley startups before starting my own business. But I will tell you, being an entrepreneur is hard work because you have to be ready to do and handle most anything. But the freedom and joy of owning your own business and being the boss far outweigh the sweat equity you put into your business. I am an author and publisher too, and I built my business "bootstrap,” meaning 100% ownership, no financial support (there were no micro loans and PPL loans then), and all of the creative visioning and development, business plans, web content, etc. I did myself. Except that over the years, I've had to hire various web developers and tech support to help me with my website.

Having a team helps a lot, but because I was moving at my own pace, I only used extra help for sales support at events or shipping and packaging orders. My business became known in the Bay Area by networking and doing tons of events, festivals, conferences, book fairs, and presentations. So before social media, I was already marketing my brand using business cards, email, and my website (I bought and Etsy in 2000). Having professional sales skills and training from Eastman Kodak really helped too, along with great interpersonal communication skills. But overall, you have to be prepared to wear all the hats and to stand by your integrity in all that you do. As a woman in business, I was never afraid to go after what you wanted and invest in yourself and your business. And also, be prepared to hold onto your brand and social assets. Currently, there is a hate cyber group that continues to be an annoyance, but I refuse to let their hate stop me. They have tried all kinds of ways to sabotage and hurt my business, but my purpose was clear when I started Ashay By The Bay, and it is still clear now. Keep moving forward, stay focused, surround yourself with like-minded, positive people, and continue to believe in yourself. 

About Jamahl Grace:

Grace+Love Candle Co. is a home fragrance boutique that was created to help others. Designed with simplicity in mind, these candles give the everyday person a simple way to become an educational advocate by supporting minority youths in their educational endeavors. That is the basis of Grace+Love Candle Co. A simple way to make a difference in our local communities. A blend of sustainable and profitable business with tangible social work. A quality, unique, affordable, and natural product that leads to lives being changed. All products are handcrafted in Virginia using natural soy wax, fine fragrances, and cotton wicks.

About William Snead: 

In my role as Co-Founder and Chairman of Step Up For All, I've amassed significant experience in business and leadership. I led the establishment of a digital platform, overseeing a global team of 292 members and providing vital resources to 6,000 minority entrepreneurs and immigrants. Collaborating with business mentors, I strategically allocated a $5k grant to enhance our platform's outreach and effectiveness through targeted investments in social media, consulting, and web design. Alongside my entrepreneurial pursuits, I've been deeply involved in community engagement, organizing fundraising events, and advocating for causes like financial literacy and educational equity. My commitment to making a positive impact extends to my academic and leadership roles, including serving as President of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter and earning recognition in competitions such as the Intuit Social Innovation Challenge and the CT Stock Market Game. Through these experiences, I've honed my entrepreneurial vision, strategic thinking, and dedication to driving meaningful change in both business and society.

Reverse Referral Program:

After each consultation, we offer each client the opportunity to refer prospective clients in exchange for exclusive benefits. 

One Hour Business Coach Consultation

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  • Our volunteer services can only accompany so many clients at a time. We ask that you make another booking appointment after 30 days of your last scheduled appointment.

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